Business, sport, philanthropy…

Business, sport, philanthropy…

__”Start where you are!”

Today both my wife and I had the pleasure and honor to speak at the African Philanthropy Forum in Johannesburg hosted by Kwesé and NBA Cares. I told you last week to remember that basketball is not just a game, it’s business. Today you would have seen that the NBA is even MORE than that…

You would have been so inspired to hear African NBA players like Dikembe Mutombo (retired basketball legend from DRC and one of the great humanitarians in the NBA, pictured here), Bismack Biyombo (age 24! from DRC, following in Mutombo’s philanthropic footsteps), and Amadou Gallo Fall (also pictured) from Senegal, MD of NBA Africa and founder of SEED an NGO that helps develop new African leaders through education and basketball.

“Everyone has the opportunity and power to make a difference,” said Amadou. “If you feel bad about it, do something about it.” I’ll share a video link of the meeting when it’s ready. Be prepared to be inspired!

__Now we’re counting down to the tipoff of NBA Africa Game 2017 – Team Africa vs Team World at 5 pm on 5 August at Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. If you’re not in town, our team at Kwesé Sports and its partners have worked to make sure millions of fans on the continent can watch the game on your TV, mobile devices or computer!

Here are some really important updates:

# A special App “Kwesé Free Sport” has been set up to enable people in countries like Zimbabwe also to access the game on Saturday. Please spread the word. It will enable you to see the game from almost every African country south of the Sahara!

# We’re also streaming the NBA Africa Game live on Facebook in most all countries on the continent. We started Facebook live streaming recently on African Gold Cup Rugby competition across Africa and it has been a great success. We have worked closely with Facebook to make it happen.

Here are your viewing options:

1. The Kwesé decoder allows you to see everything happening this week, and all our other 62 channels. Lots of celebrity activities including music shows. Check it out!

2. You can tune in for free to Kwesé Free Sport channel in these countries:

# Botswana
# Cameroon
# Ghana
# Kenya
# Malawi
# Namibia
# Nigeria
# Rwanda
# Tanzania
# Uganda
# Zambia

3. Here’s a list of private and state broadcasters throughout the continent, where you can watch the NBA Africa Game 2017 Live:

# Angola – TPA, Canal+
# Benin – ORTB, Canal+
# Botswana – KFS Botswana
# Burkina Faso – Canal+
# Burundi – Canal+
# Cameroon – STV, CRTV, Canal 2, Canal+
# Cape Verde – RTI, Canal+
# Congo Brazzaville – Telecongo, Canal+
# Congo DRC – RTNC, Canal +
# Côte d’Ivoire – RTI, Canal+
# Djibouti – Canal+
# Equatorial Guinea – Canal+
# Ethiopia – EBC, OROMIA
# Gabon – Kanal 7, Canal+
# Gambia – GRTS
# Ghana – KFS Ghana/Canal+
# Guinea Bissau – Canal+
# Guinea Conakry – Canal+
# Kenya – KFS Kenya, Canal+
# Liberia – LBS, Canal+
# Madagascar – RTNM, Canal+
# Malawi – KFS Malawi, Canal+
# Mali – Africable, Canal+
# Mozambique – TV Successo, Canal+
# Mauritius – Canal+
# Namibia – NBC
# Niger – TV Ténéré
# Nigeria – KFS Nigeria, NTA, Canal+
# Réunion – Canal+
# Rwanda – KFS Rwanda, Canal+
# São Tomé and Príncipe – Canal+
# Senegal – TFM, RTS
# Seychelles – SBC, Canal+
# Sierra Leone – SLBC, Canal+
# Somalia – Canal+
# South Africa – Soweto TV
# South Sudan – Canal+
# Sudan – Canal+
# Tanzania – KFS Tanzania, Canal+
# Togo – TVT, Canal+
# Zambia – KFS, Canal+


I told you it’s a busy week…



Author:Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Econet Group. He serves on several international boards including Unilever, and the Global Advisory boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and Stanford University. A board member of the Rockefeller Foundation for 15 years, he also serves as Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, Pathways for Prosperity, and the Global Business Coalition on Education. He and his wife, Tsitsi, co-founded the Higherlife Foundation and are signators of the Giving Pledge.

11 Replies to “Business, sport, philanthropy…”

  1. Afterthought 1.
    “It is in our hands to make the world a better place. What are you doing with your hands?” asked Dikembe Mutombo, Congolese NBA Hall of Fame legend. Dikembe has built several schools and personally funded a $29m hospital facility in DRC. “You don’t have to build a hospital,” he said today. “Do what you can! You can do something. You can mentor someone. There’s room for every one of us in society to contribute.”

  2. Afterthought 2.
    I hope most of you know this already but you can download the Kwesé Free Sports App to watch the game by visiting Google Play / Android App store or the iOS App store.

  3. Afterthought 3.
    Over the years, I’ve written a lot about the importance of partnerships. The NBA Africa Game 2017 involves many important official partners who have come together not just to create an exciting event in sport this week, but also to help create real opportunities — in sport and in life in general — for youth on our continent. You can see in this list the diverse types of companies that can come together for the good…

    # NBA
    # Kwesé Sports
    # Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa
    # Castle Lite
    # General Electric
    # Solektra International
    # Marriott International
    # 947
    # Jordan Brand
    # SAP

  4. Florencia writes,

    what about Zimbabwe as one of those countries which will watch kwese free sport?

    My reply,
    There are two Kwese Apps:
    #1. Kwese App, which is the original App we launched more than a year ago. It does not allow Zimbabwe access.

    #2. Kwese Free Sports App:
    This is the one we launched this week. It was done specifically to enable Zimbabwe (and several other countries) to access Kwese Free Sports Channel.
    You can download it today and watch everything live!

    Econet Wireless Zimbabwe will allow you to see the NBA game on Saturday using your smart phone or tablet Zero data cost…it will be completely FREE only for the NBA game, as a special gift!

    You can also watch using any Internet Service provider service.

  5. Blessing writes,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! You can only imagine the ‘bandwagon follower’ ‘ feeling thats been affecting us here! Felt quite tearful really for your generosity. It obviously costs buckets to set up this temporary app but you did it, for us and many more out there! I have a giving spirit in me and help out in the smallest way possible and pray that with your continuous free advise I can one day do something for many as you have done today! Mazvita (thank you)!!

    My reply,
    This message made my day.

    We have spent months trying to set up this temporary solution in time for the NBA game, and also the English Premier League which starts next week.

  6. Ezerioha writes,

    Sir basketball is very good but in Nigeria we prefer soccer even if is French ligue 1, please we would appreciate it more if French ligue, Italian league or even German ligue will be shown on kwese sport. We can’t develop love for basketball overnight, its going to be a gradual process.

    My reply,
    When it comes to sport Africans (including Nigerians) are some of the most gifted sports people in the world, and they are involved in just about every sport you can imagine. There are also many Africans who want to increase their exposure to other sports beyond soccer.
    At Kwese we do have a lot of soccer including English Premier League, Brazil League, Copa Del Rey, Argentina, Euros, World Cup, English League Cup…the list goes on. However we also want to cater for the sports interests of a diverse Africa in areas such as basketball, netball, rugby, cricket, tennis.
    Our sports coverage is very high quality, and we will continue to improve it. You must appreciate though that sport is just 7 channels in over 60 that are currently available.
    In life the more we embrace the diverse interests of others, the more we learn ourselves, and the more tolerant we become. Diversity is strength.
    This week is for basketball, next week we have The Athletics World Championship, and also the beginning of the English Premier League…Kwese will be there!

  7. Afterthought:
    Today I’m attending the Africa Innovation Summit which was organized by the NBA.
    It is being attended by executives from some of the biggest companies in the world such as GE and Ford. There are also entrepreneurs, government leaders, sports and media icons. There are also billionaire owners of some of the topic sports teams in the world.

    I hope that I will see some of you there. I’m rushing so I can be there in time for the session on Youth in Agriculture!

  8. Lwazi writes,

    Sir, I browsed through the country list airing the NBA game, and did not see Zimbabwe mentioned.. when will the people of Zimbabwe get the privileges other African states are benefiting from?
    It’s so sad to see your wonderful works still being ignored in our own country

    My reply,
    Zimbabwe’s only public broadcaster (ZBC) were offered Kwese programming during the Olympic Games last year. They were ordered by a certain senior government official (civil servant) to cancel the agreement.
    We lost a lot of money because we had paid for them to get access to the games.

    I cannot force them to do a deal they don’t want to do.
    If they change their minds and assure us that they are willing to adhere to agreements they enter into, then we will happily give them access to our content to rebroadcast in the country.
    I’m sure you can take it up directly with them but not on this platform.

    All those other national broadcasters on the list were willing to be our partners.

  9. Mohibur asks,

    Congratulations Dr. Masiyiwa for great Achievement!!!
    I am your big fan and reading every article carefully and implementing day to day..

    I am lucky today I am replying my comment in very start of your Msg as being in different continents and time zone I became late..

    Thank for all your teaching and knowledge you shared to us..

    Is there any plan to visit India , I will be glad to meet you personally and learn more from you..

    Do you have any plan to launch you TV channels in India in near future???

    My reply,
    My passion is Entrepreneurship, and I know that India and African entrepreneurs can share many great ideas. Your country’s population is almost the same as our own (continent).
    Right now we have secured broadcasting rights for a channel called WION which as you know covers Indian news and business. This is available on Kwese decoder.
    I would also like to bring Kwese Inc to India because I know it will do very well with Indian entrepreneurs.
    The more we exchange ideas, the better for the world.

  10. Kes writes,

    I love how you take time to reply to our messages and advice further. On this my birthday, as am counting my blessings, you’re among the top sir.
    You have changed my perception for business and entrepreneurship. I am older and most definitely wiser, thanks to you. I now know how to turn my music career into a mega business empire.
    God bless you a million more times.

    My reply,
    Happy birthday to you!
    Your path shall shine brighter and brighter.

    I just met with Akon who was attending the NBA Innovation Summit. He is an example of how you can approach your music as a business. The most successful musicians, sports people, or even actors, are those who have an entrepreneurial flair to their gift.

    To position education in the minds of rural children as an important right .
    To achieve educational positioning  and help fulfill children’s important right by January 2018.

    In the rural sector of Zimbabwe,children suffer a lot of challenges that affect their education. The economic situation of Zimbabwe result in the reduction of wages and salaries which will inturn cause parents cut costs in children’s expenses. At the beginning of a new school year a child will lack:
    proper school uniform.
    School shoes
    School fees
    Since these problems will cause a child consider education as unimportant endeavour.I, Kelvin took this problem to create a campaign to reduce the burden affecting children. I appeal to the corporate world to help with providing educational necessities. It will a great pleasure to be there to meet the deadline date 7 January 2018.  

    Kelvin Bembe(Organiser)
    Age:19 years old
    ID NUMBER:58-2012659E29

    Available for Whatsapp.

    Social Media
    1 . Facebook

    Postal address:7307 Nketa9
                                  Bulawayo Zimbabwe
    Postal code:00263

    Not only to gain corporate social responsibility, its important to remember we are creating a future star of the World.

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