Marketing (Part 1)

Marketing (Part 1)

__“No Customer Success = No Your Success”

One of the greatest business leadership gurus of all time is a man called Peter Drucker who said the following: “Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost”. It is quite easily one of the most profound things said on #Entrepreneurship—ever!

This is the type of statement I would write up on a poster, and put on every entrepreneur’s wall for you to read every day until you @Get it! And if you say you @Get it now, you have not yet @Got It!

Now I have spoken a lot about #Innovation on this platform, but I have never spoken about #Marketing. Only a true entrepreneur can truly appreciate that you have to learn to market the #Product! And it is actually not easy!

There are a lot of people who can invent a product, or even come up with a truly groundbreaking new innovation, but you only become a true entrepreneur when you can #Market effectively. It is something that even now I’m still learning to do.

Advertising is not #Marketing, it is just part of #Marketing! Many of you are in the #SeniorClass now, and I want you to begin to reflect deeply about marketing, and the process of developing a brand.

Think about this a minute: How rational is it that you can buy a plain white shirt or a blouse from a store (an unbranded store) at one price… and right next door, it is being sold by Gucci for 100x more?!

Does the person who enters Gucci not know that it is almost exactly the same item that is cheaper next door? They do, and they don’t care! So Gucci makes the real money! (I know there may be some notable differences to discerning customers, but you get my point… the Gucci’s began their luxury brand in 1921!)

As an entrepreneur, I only began to make money after wrestling with this issue, and coming to understand it (in part) through intense study. Now, it is your turn!

I look at the great entrepreneurs of all time, and what they all have in common is a unique gift to #Marketing their product with a burning passion. The style might differ, but the ability is the same: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Sam Walton, Akio Morita … all of them had a burning passion for marketing, and innovation!

Even before you go out to sell something, you must learn to #Market effectively, and in an innovative way.

There is more to being able to #Sell than standing on a street corner and shout to (people you hope will become!) your customers, but your ability should reflect the passion of the man who is willing to spend all day on that street corner. Personally I have a lot of empathy with small informal traders who sell at street corners and markets.

As a young entrepreneur, one of my favorite pastimes was reading the autobiographies of great entrepreneurs, and without doubt, I loved the chapters where they talk about selling their products and building up customers. In the beginning, they almost all did it by themselves, and even when the business grew bigger, they kept a hold of this part of their business the longest. Sales is where you are in closest proximity to the most important person in the business: the customer!

Marketing is not just something you learn from experience. Today it is a highly complex discipline about which many tens of thousands of books have been written. Also, it is a subject of college and university study. If you go into my study and look at my business books, guess which subject has the most books? #Marketing!

Even if you studied Marketing at university level, it is a subject that is constantly and rapidly evolving, such that you must keep in touch with its developments and techniques, constantly.

__The simple fact is this: as great as your product may be, if you lose touch with marketing and sales techniques as they evolve, you may not be able to survive in business.

In this short series, I will talk to you about #Marketing. I want to engage you in how you deal with this important aspect of the #Process. It is about the “Master of Scale”, as Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) likes to say.

So let’s get started by talking about your own business.

Do you have a Marketing strategy? Is it as innovative as your product or service? How do you listen to your customer?

Tell me about it.

What do you want to learn?

To be continued. . .

Author:Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Econet Group. He serves on several international boards including Unilever, and the Global Advisory boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and Stanford University. A board member of the Rockefeller Foundation for 15 years, he also serves as Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, Pathways for Prosperity, and the Global Business Coalition on Education. He and his wife, Tsitsi, co-founded the Higherlife Foundation and are signators of the Giving Pledge.

48 Replies to “Marketing (Part 1)”

  1. Afterthought 2.
    The entrepreneurs who have always fascinated me the most, are the guys that take something quite basic, like a “hamburger” (a bun with meat and onions, and perhaps some cheese) and create a brand like McDonald’s! #Absolute genius!

  2. Afterthought 3.
    The other day, I spent a whole evening watching a documentary on the bottled water industry in the USA. So many of these guys basically take tap water, and put their label on it, and it sells for 10,000x the value of tap water! Shall we call it a “scam”? No! Because the people that buy it, know what it is, and they are very educated people, and they choose to pay that money!

    As an entrepreneur, I need you to study marketing, and aspects of marketing such as packaging and advertising.

  3. Afterthought 4.
    Facebook, Google, Twitter and so many, many things that you use or consider so valuable have no billboard in your neighborhood! Is marketing simply advertising on billboards? Stop and think about it…

  4. Afterthought 5.
    Marketing is a deceptive skill because most entrepreneurs think they know what it is, when in fact they have never actually done anything to study the subject. After a few years, they are so convinced they know what it is, it becomes impossible to teach them anything!

  5. Afterthought 6.
    A business that does not spend money on #Marketing is throwing away a big part of its profits, even when they are selling everything they have (particularly so!)… Don’t wake him up, if he is sleeping!

  6. Blessing Machiya Shumbakadzi writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa I have been studying what makes a product stand out from the others? Is it the branding? Quality of product? Effective marketing makes your product more visible than others. So anytime someone thinks of dried fruits they should immediately think Shumbakadzi Dried Fruits & Foods.

    My reply,

    Econet was once called “Enhanced Communications Network (pvt) Ltd”—
    It was a tongue twister, just like “Shumbakadzi Dried Fruits and Food”. It is also “too heavy” for branding purposes.
    Since you are one of my favorite followers, I would like you to go to the team at Dicomm, our agency in Zimbabwe. Their founder is a genius who now lives in America, called Enoch Hwande. I want them to give your branding a complete makeover, at my cost. They will teach how it is done. It will not be cheap, and it shouldn’t be!

    PS: Remember to show us all what you come up with!

  7. #Pause:
    When I started my business I was actually a very good salesman, and I built a great sales team. Our #Product was fantastic, and customers came to us. The industry was very competitive, and we had to fight for tenders.
    Then one day I met a young marketing guru. After he had listened to me boast about how well things were going, he quietly asked me about my marketing strategy.
    “Marketing strategy? I don’t need anything called marketing strategy? Business is good!”
    He shook his head, and asked me this question:
    “Would you be an engineer if you had not gone to university?”
    “No, of course not!”
    “When you were studying engineering, I was studying marketing…”

    His answer embarrassed me, because it suggested that I was not showing respect for someone else’s knowledge.
    “Do you think my business would be more profitable, if I had a marketing strategy?” I asked.

    “I need you to intellectually engage to the idea that there is more to marketing than you think.” He explained.

    I did just that:
    I read books on marketing, I listened to lectures. I spoke to market specialists. I became obsessed with it.
    It took months just to get on the right path.
    I discovered that being a good salesman, has nothing to with marketing. I was a salesman, but if I had to make real money, I had to get into marketing!

    So what the heck is marketing?
    Good question!

    As I began to apply what I was learning, I was building a more profitable business.
    Remember what Drucker said?


    Oh boy!
    I need you to get this!

    In Africa we know how to sell, but we don’t pay enough attention to the marketing side of the game, that is why our coffee and tea, even water gets repacked as brands, and customers globally end up paying 100x!

  8. Handyman Pretoria writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Elon Musk spends zero on advertising but still the model 3 electric car is selling like hot cakes in the United states and beyond. Yes Tesla does not advertise…

    My reply,
    He might not advertise, but he is a marketing genius, supported by some of the best guys in the field. He is up there with the best ever. He personifies marketing in the modern age.
    Remember advertising is not marketing, it is just part of marketing!

  9. Precious Onome WhiteDove writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa I believe Dad that these guys only understood what you always refer to as #EntrepreneurIt!

    This is exactly what I’d happening with our business here in Nigeria; #Zobo drink is a known beverage in the country so a lot of people can actually make it themselves at home that’s if they have the time.

    Some purchase from the numerous who fill and sell from #Used / recycled water and other beverage bottles and some buy.

    Many won’t by, the kinds you referred to as @educated people.

    They understand the health hazard associated with it, that was where we saw a big business opportunity from amongst several considerations we had before venturing into the business 3 1/2 after coming up with the idea for DovelZobo Company LTD.

    One of our goals is to make #DovelZobo commercially available in 2020 once we can get our NAFDAC REGISTRATIONS DONE this year.

    We have sampled and researched the market for the past 2 years already on a small scale production and seen ways we can scale it into a multi million naira company in a couple of years time.

    But like you instructed now dad, I’m still learning the Art and Science of #Marketing , so am going to the drawing board to learn more about MARKETING & ADVERTISING.

    “Thank you very much Dad for this series. I will definitely turn the bones into a cup of juice after which.”

    [ We also open our doors to investors to invest in our brand too ].

    #DovelZoboEnergyDrink #ZoboKing #RelearningMarketing

    My reply,
    I’m going to get my team to arrange for you to visit the marketing team of a global company based there in Nigeria. Maybe you might pick up a few insights!

    Please do some serious reading before you go, and remember, I’m just introducing you to this subject!

  10. Adebimpe Ayodele writes,

    @ sir strive masiyiwa.When l first started my business.l divided my market into five segmentation which has really helped me a lot.l had Government/Parastatals,Institutions/Schools, Multinational Companies& Gas &Oil,Banks and Telecoms,Agencies and associations.For each of these segment,somebody would handle and report at the end of the month.Marketing is fun and it pays.

    My reply,
    This is your #Sales strategy. It has nothing to do with marketing.

  11. Musana Stephen writes,

    I would define marketing as customer satisfaction. Satisfying a customer.

    My reply,
    Why do you need to define something that has already been defined?
    The danger with your approach is that you will soon persuade yourself that you know everything you need to know about marketing.
    Sorry, to be hard on you, but I need you to go out and register for a marketing course, and take it to as advanced a level as you can. Even if you have done a marketing course, there is always room for more. I’m almost 59, and I’m enjoying studying marketing.
    So many beautiful Online courses.

  12. Beng Eric writes,

    From my experience in street hustling, I have noticed that people buy a brand name, they buy more where they are treated better, they buy more of what will add value to them and make them have a feeling of importance….
    I am still learning… really need more of these knowledge.

    My reply,
    “Street hustling” is about “sales”. It is not about “marketing”.

    Our discussion today is about #Marketing.
    This is key to make you build a big business. Big businesses don’t do “street hustling”.

  13. Bob Pyne writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa
    Chief Tnx u for this piece..very profound and I agree ..

    …. 75% of business in Africa are running as salesman even while they thought the running of the business its on marketing strategy..
    … I believe we have been getting it wrong and I see this as a major problem Africa is facing in growing a global brand….

    For business in africa to scale globally and compete with the big brand out there .. “we must be core in marketing”.. And understand every bit of it…

    I believe now is the time to get it right as an entrepreneur and use it to build a Global brand..

    Tnx u sir.. For this eye opener… I am greatful for this priviledge as a student and I am open to more learning on this subject matter…

    My reply,
    #ShoutOut! Response!

    This is my message with this post!

    A poor understanding of the role of #Marketing costs Africa billions!

    But how do we solve a problem we do not even know exists?

    Thank you Bob!

  14. Justin Ashon writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Sir,

    The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” (Peter Drucker, credited as founding modern management)

    I was the pioneer Sales Executive of a hotel in my region for two years 2015 to 2017 but marketing was my responsibility. So it was my job to help build an identity, create strategies for our marketing plan, carry out competitive analysis and build relationships with clients, which in my opinion was the most important: Understanding the client.

    Permit me to state my most outstanding achievement with some lessons on how #Marketing met #Innovation. The hotel had a night club which made an average of about $1000 a month for over a year. My MD at the time wasn’t satisfied so he drafted me to the club.

    It didn’t come as a surprise to me when i made about $10,000 in my first month and over $8000 in my second month of being drafted in to manage the club. I made more than what was made in a whole year in just one month. Some said it was a fluke and that I was a lucky guy.

    Now how did I do this. The overall goal was to increase our competitive advantage.

    1.Understanding the market and customers: I had to improve the product and create a new identity. I researched about the night club scene. I found out what was trending and I introduced them. Most importantly, I spoke to the customers and i listened.

    2. Implementing strategies: Based on my findings and my own ability to create strategies, I worked on ideas that would attract and also retain customers. Most of which had to do with their emotions and what drives their spending ability. We also worked on our identity (Added new drinks and services, changed the uniforms of our workers e.t.c) In addition, I did this through the right channels, targeting specifically an important segment.

    3. Team: To make this happen, I picked the best team that had the innate ability to deal with people. If you’ve worked in the hospitality industry then you would know this. It is a gift, not something you can truly train.

    I had a boss who loved ideas so I wrote my proposal (Marketing Plan) for the club, he approved it and we got the result.

    Needless to say, that I have been studying and enjoying the process of building my own personal brands on paper though , for over 8 years. At the end of the day, brands build identity through Marketing. It is a beautiful thing… The process called marketing. I love it and pray to learn more and achieve bigger results.

    My reply,
    # You always have a chance of a job with me!
    You will succeed in your venture

  15. Musana Stephen writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Thank you Sir for being hard on me. It’s the reason I have always been your humble student.
    In this reply; you enlighten me on the power of education, the power of reading……… Continuous reading……… One day I will fly, no matter the storm. Africa is blessed to have you, i am humbled.

    Once again, thank you Sir.

    My reply,
    I love and respect you dearly.
    You are on the path to wisdom because you have allowed yourself to have what my Pastor used to call “a teachable spirit”.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  16. Nduka Chinonso writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Sir, this reminds me of a post where you mentioned an online course provider called Philanthropy U, I enrolled and signed up for a course “Human Capital Strategy” after the course my mindset changed about managing the most important aspect of any business, Humans. Like you said there is always room for improvement and learning.

    My reply,
    Nduka you are something else; an absolute gem!

    Give me 4,1m Nduka’s Lord, and I promise you that I will change Africa’s trajectory!

  17. Victor Ogobuegwu writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Dr this particular subject is for me, as an entrepreneur I need to acquire these skills. Thank you sir

    My reply,
    Victor, I love your response!

    I know and I know that this message is one of the deepest I have ever shared. And if someone grasps it [what the Apostle Paul called in Greek “katalambano”—to grasp and seize as though you life depended on it], we will begin to see global brands being launched out of Africa. It will spur a generation of African Unilever, Coca Cola, Star Bucks, Alibaba, … etc.

  18. #Pause:

    “Marketing and Innovation make money; Everything else is cost”!
    ~Peter Drucker.

    Stop and think about it!
    Write it down!
    Make a tee shirt with it!
    Do a #tag with it!

    Let it provoke you!

    #I must Innovate, every day!
    #I must market, every day!

    Then I sell!

  19. #Pause:

    My first brand was a service called “Buddie”:

    Our objective was to “sell” pre-paid, cell phone lines, but we created a brand called “Buddie”.
    We spent months developing our marketing strategy around this brand.
    We literally created a “persona” around this brand. When we finally released it, people went crazy.
    Unilever doesn’t “sell” soap; they have “Dove”.
    Nestle doesn’t “sell” water, they “market” a brand called “Perrier”!

    Stop selling, start marketing!

  20. Ruth Ajobor writes,

    I started my spice business, from the inspiration I got from you Dr Strive in one of the agrofood and processing series and it’s just two months old. I started with two spice but now I have four different formulations and I intend to formulate more. Now I do not have a good social media publicity or branding, have been able to sell out my first batch through word of mouth, but it’s not easy. The marketing trends is just unfolding everyday. No matter how much smile I wear and how neat I look I have discovered that the quality doesn’t count when you are unbranded. Am glad about this series I know it will help me grow a strategy. Thanks sir for all that you do

    My reply,
    I’m proud of you.
    Now create a brand. Spend as much time as you can studying this valuable industry which you have entered.
    Study the marketing techniques.
    #thou shalt surely prosper!

  21. A good product or service does not sell itself.The producer or marketers does.The product/service is, first,what the marketer says it is before the buyer or the consumer proves so or the otherwise

  22. #Reflection:

    Is bottled water the most beautiful business in the world?

    The US bottled water business is reportedly valued at $35bn.
    Some of the bottled water brands are worth more than 10,000% more than a glass of tap water;
    But wait a minute—the US has clean tap water throughout!

    So why pay that much?!

    The answer lies in this statement:

    “Innovation and marketing make money, everything else is cost”
    ~Peter Drucker.

    Innovation does not have to be the product itself, as in this case.
    These guys pump water from the ground, and bottle it. There is no evidence that there is any medicinal or other qualities associated with bottled water.
    The Innovation is in two areas:
    Branding, including packaging, and advertising.
    It is basically in #Marketing!

    “Marketing makes money”…it drives the margins and in this case to extraordinary extremes.

  23. Justin Ashon writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Sir,

    (1). Diamonds; $82,000,000.00
    (2). Cocoa; $43,000,000.00
    (3). Bottled water; $170,000,000.00

    All values are in USD.

    Source: fortune business insight, Economic times and Allied Market Research

    My reply,
    Thanks Justin for the summary. Thanks also to Omoruyi, Austin, Bob and others. Being able to search for data quickly is part of your #Entrepreneurial Skill set. This type of information should take you minutes with your internet browser.

    Here is the answer from Justin:

    Strive Masiyiwa Sir,

    (1). Diamonds; $82,000,000.00
    (2). Cocoa; $43,000,000.00
    (3). Bottled water; $170,000,000.00

    All values are in USD.

    Source: fortune business insight, Economic times and Allied Market Research

    I have commented elsewhere about Bottled Water, a natural resource you pump from the ground or get from a river or lake.
    Those who understand the power of #Marketing have turned into a #Product driving an industry worth nearly $200bn. If it were an African country it would be:

    #1. Nigeria=$450bn;
    #2. SA=$400bn;

    #3. Egypt=$300bn;

    #4. “bottled water”=$200bn.

    With all your understanding get to understand #Marketing, it’s power, and Most importantly the techniques used, so you can turn your own #Products into “big profit”

    “Innovation and marketing make money, everything else is cost”

  24. Eradius Henry writes,

    I’m very sorry sir,I know the importance of the particular issue.But I want to know more about “NICHE marketing”.

    My reply,
    There is a reason why classes are organized in terms of 1st year, 2nd year, etc.
    Teachers know that there are things you must understand in 1st year, before you move to 2nd year.
    There is also a time you get to a level that you must find out things for yourself. If you feel that all you need is to learn about Niche Marketing, then you are at a level when you should go and find out for yourself.

    Remember what Myles Monroe said (paraphrased):

    “If you do not appreciate or value what someone is trying to do for you, it is inevitable that you will end up abusing them.”

  25. Isaac Nassari writes,

    Dr Strive Masiyiwa please help me how can I do marketing and become successful in an environment where the same multiple products are in marketing for example drinking water. I plan to do a franchise business with an existing business in other cities where no that company.

    My reply,
    Enroll for a course in Marketing even if it’s Online. Also in business finance.

  26. #Pause:

    Why does “Father Christmas” dress in Red and White?

    Do you know, where he came from?

    The colors are the colors of Coca Cola, because he was essentially developed as part of a marketing campaign by the Coca Cola Bottling company, one of the greatest marketing organizations in history!

  27. Naboth Munemo writes,

    Thank you Chief for this great lesson on marketing “creating a successful brand”. My Question now is “how, one can create a successful brand?”. How Coca-Cola managed to create a brand tat sell a black drink. There should be a great mystery behind this, Am on it researching more on creating a successful brand that sells. Thank you Sir.

    My reply,
    It is only by asking this type of knowledge that we will come to understand the genius of marketing in order to emerge with a brand like Coke!

    There are hundreds of books, and articles written about Coca Cola’s “Marketing Prowess”. Go on line and look for books on the history of Coca Cola.

  28. #Pause:

    #ShoutOut Nando’s Chicken of South Africa!

    I remember getting to SA about 25 years ago, and hearing about Nando’s for the first time. By then I had began to pay a lot of attention to the craft of marketing, and it was like being introduced to a 16 year old Lionel Messi!
    Today Nando’s is a truly global brand and out of Africa. I have seen them all over the world, and they are growing!

  29. Da-silva Femi writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa i lost sleep thinking about your post….its provoking a reaction. Thank you sir

    My reply,

    I give a #ShoutOut to your response. It is the response of a very serious person. You will succeed at whatever you put your hand.

  30. Beshir Mohammed writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
    Abraham Lincoln
    We have to spend most of our spend to sharpen our mindset everything starts from our mind if we believe we can change ourselves we can
    Thank you strive masiyiwa for your lesson

    My reply,
    My message was heard by the wise!
    Thank you

  31. #Reflection:

    If you have time today, sit with your browser and study the perfume industry. Look at expensive brands like Chanel of France.
    Did you know that the contents of each bottle of perfume costs a fraction of the cost of the bottle and box in which it is sold?

    Like Bottled Water which I have used in this discussion, perfumery is a business driven completely by skilled marketing.

    It is one of the best examples of what Peter Drucker meant when he said:

    “Marketing and Innovation make money, everything else is cost”.

    #Lets acquire this skill called marketing!

  32. Rachael Mwikali writes

    Strive Masiyiwa thanks #chief.On it now!.

    My reply,
    Next time you are in a top cosmetic store or pharmacy browse [as an entrepreneur ], the shelves for perfumes.
    Or even a store like Gucci or an LVMH brand.

    For me as an entrepreneur, I look at such things, and I marvel at the marketing genius that has made men like Bernard Arnault, as rich as Bill Gates. Who said it is about technology, or oil?!

    “Innovation and marketing make money, everything else is cost”.

    Let’s go to work!

  33. Abiodun A. Abiodun writes,

    Chief Strive Masiyiwa,
    Thank you for being an inspiring to us, young African entrepreneurs.

    Sir, I have been following you here for quite a while, though I am a silent follower. But now, it has been compelling for me to share my story, based on this #marketing experience.

    Globally, we’ve been losing huge number of promising young African men to mental illness and suicide in the recent times, so I try to address these pressing issues through Manspace Grooming, starting from Nigeria with the aim of expanding to other African countries and beyond. Manspace is a community where men, both young and old seek refuge from the stress of life, to relax and take good care of their beauty and wellbeing.

    I see Manspace Grooming as a community, instead of bespoke grooming firm that cuts hair and retails men’s fashion & sports apparel. Clients who grow beards and buy beard grooming kits are addressed as SIR, while every client who has ordered a product or service are automatically LION BROTHERS of Manspace Community.

    You would find the firm’s mascot interesting, #KALAHARI is its name. (Inspired by the traits of the lions of the kalahari desert) It depicts everything about Manspace Grooming. It tells story of royalty through the art of manliness.

    Sir, I am open to learn more strategies to promote this brand, and your recent post comes handy. Once again, thank you Chief for encouraging us, young Africans, to be the best we could be.

    Abiodun A. Abiodun,

    My reply,
    Thank you for sharing this.

    I have a deep concern over the issue of mental health. It is much more prevalent than people realize, and we must do everything we can to de stigmatize it and ensure everyone gets clinical and other forms of help.
    Well done.

  34. #Pause:

    In the same way a good football coach can spot a talented young player, I have become wired to spot and admire powerful marketing campaigns!

    There is a South African restaurant chain called Spurs. I remember how they came up with an innovation in marketing:
    Celebrating children’s birthdays!
    Being a parent of young children, we were at a Spurs virtually every weekend, either for our own kids, or their friends!
    It was amazing:
    Overnight their franchise chain expanded rapidly, and now they are all over Africa.

    McDonalds Restaurants were all about cheap toys with a meal for infants. This marketing innovation enabled them to draw parents, and they could push up their prices.

    This type of Innovative approach to marketing creates price elasticity [gives you room to make more money] even in a business that looks cut throat.

    Now, here is an exercise for you:
    From today open your eyes to professionally spotting great marketing which is not just sales.
    Make it your hobby!

    You can even comment on it here, because that way you might give others an opportunity to @Fast Follow!

  35. Gbadamosi Yomi writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Sir, I have a facebook page I named “The Inestimable Services” around the year 2014 or there about…

    I started with Internet gadgets for broadband at that year and gradually moved to electronics, apparels and now I want to market wrist watches, automobiles and shelter but I had to go create another page call aparrel_moblie_shelter…

    Here’s where headache and restlessness sets in, The inestimable services have about 583 followers and they make inquiries at first but I never sold anything and yet I have boosted promotions..

    How do I overcome this…?!

    Thank you

    My reply,
    “Promotions” are a technique used by “Sales People”; they are not a technique of marketing.

    You will never make money without developing a deeper understanding of two issues:

  36. Nimyel Pn Richard writes,

    Sometimes customers are troublesome

    My reply,
    A person who sees customers “as troublesome” is destined for failure.

    Look; not everyone who goes into a business is actually an entrepreneur. Some are just trying to make money, and these are the ones most likely to feel customers are troublesome.
    The true entrepreneur studies carefully the “troublesome customer” and seeks to develop some learning for themselves that ultimately lead to a better business.

  37. Gbadamosi Yomi

    One more thing:

    I cannot imagine a single reason why anybody would buy anything from you…
    What is the actual product [or service] YOU [Yourself] are providing here? Why should they trust you, simply because you put up a website?
    You must define your actual business, otherwise you will go round in circles.

  38. #Reflection:

    “Marketing and Innovation make money. Everything else is cost”
    ~Peter Drucker.

    Why do I keep coming back to this statement? It is so loaded!

    He is actually saying that to “make money” in business you need to focus on three things!

    If you want to start, and grow a business, you focus on three things:
    (1). Product;
    (2). People;
    (3). Process.

    But, if you want to “make money” through a successful business, you focus on three things!

    Can you list the three things?
    —The answer is in what Peter Drucker said!

    Let’s see how Reflective you can be.

  39. Munya J Samupunga writes,

    Once l understand how to sift thru all this big data about global markets for (1) diamonds (2)cocoa (3) bottled water and more. Everything else will fall in place! #mychallenge

    My reply,
    It is not as difficult as you think:
    Just type the questions that I ask on your browser, or ask an App like Siri!

    Which reminds me, the other day I was over hearing my 17 year old daughter talking to someone:
    “She was asking all sorts of questions about Geography, and the other person was answering”.
    “Who are you taking to?” I asked.
    “Just Siri”.

    Munya your phone that you use to participate on this forum, has all the answers to these questions.
    Let’s not be stuck on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Those are tiny, tiny corners of the Internet.

    Most questions I ask can be researched in less than 5 minutes.

  40. #Congratulations to President Masisi of Botswana!

    On behalf of members of this platform, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to President Masisi on his election and inauguration today!

    We appreciate you!

  41. #ShoutOut to Di Hoza!

    The business doesn’t innovate kill itself.
    The core of every business is to know how to sell, no customer no business.
    Sam Walton emphasized on importance of keeping costs as low as possible.

    My reply,
    Your answer was the closest, even though your comments you still confuse “sales” with “marketing”.

    In order to “make money” in business you need to focus on:

    #1. Innovation;
    #2. Marketing;
    #3.Cost [control].

    The old sage nailed it when he said:
    “MARKETING and INNOVATION make money. Everything else is COST”!

    Every accountant tells you that you have to keep all your COSTS down, even as you grow the business through #PEOPLE, #PRODUCT, and #PROCESS.

  42. #Perfect score!

    Kachavhi Gift writes,

    (1). Innovation
    (2). Marketing
    (3) Costs

    To make “money” through a successful business you need to keep on innovating, strategize on marketing and reduce costs by all means.

    My reply,
    You got a perfect score.
    The answer was right there in the statement itself.

  43. #Pause:

    “Make money”: means “Profit”!

    Serious entrepreneurs don’t confuse “revenue” (gross income) with PROFIT.

    Profit is driven by attention to three things:

    #1. Innovation;
    #2. Marketing;
    #3. Cost management.

    When you have a perfect balance of these three, you are “making money”!

  44. Abel Moyo writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa i am eager to find out how marketing can be applied to a small business because i just realized all im doing is sales 101

    My reply,
    When my business was a small start-up, I grappled with this issue. I was growing through sales, which meant that my margins were small in a very competitive industry. Then I discovered #Marketing!
    I began to buy books from marketing experts around the world to give myself a deeper understanding.
    You must consider doing a course Online in marketing.

    I got to understand what is a #Brand [not the way most people talk about it]:

    (1). I defined my brand very carefully, and differentiated myself;
    (2). Unless you are prepared to spend money, you are not committed to marketing.

    Every month I set aside 10% of my money to pay for marketing.
    When I advertised, I did not even say what my company did.

    With my small budget I tried to be very Innovative on marketing.
    I once went to the local authority and asked them if I could replace some bus shelters. I bought some bus shelters and public bins in shopping malls. In those days, it was so new.
    I went to local schools and fixed play grounds in exchange for leaving my bill board.

    Many people would often remark that our company must be very big, because they thought these things could only be done by big companies.

    As my “brand equity” grew, people in our business looked for me.

    There are so many things that you can do even with a small business and small budget that are really innovative.

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