The skills of the future (Part 1)

The skills of the future (Part 1)

__Training coders at Muzinda Hub.

A few years ago I wrote a Facebook Post on what I called the seven most important skills you need to learn now for the future. Do you remember? Here is my original list: 1) prepare a financial ledger; 2) HTML and basic coding; 3) backing up to the cloud; 4) writing a business plan; 5) setting up a website and domain; 6) selling online; and 7) learning a basic craft skill, such as in agriculture or plumbing.

As I said back then, these seven skills will either turn you into the next Jack Ma, or they will help you get a better job, or earn you more money at whatever you do. This is what you should be learning, and teaching, if you want to build Africa’s prosperity.

When you hear me begin to talk about something, it means that I’m actively trying to do something to help Africa. But before I delve into the subject of Muzinda Hub, our venture to train coders, let me take you back a little…

Bill Gates started Microsoft, the company that would make him the richest man in the world, in 1975. I was 14 years old at the time. I did not hear about him until about 1982, when I was a student of engineering and our professor started talking about the “Coming Age of Microcomputers.”

“What do you mean by “microcomputers!?” we asked, totally amazed at the idea that these large computers that filled whole rooms back then, and where only engineers had access, could be made available to ordinary people.

“What will they do with these computers? They don’t have engineering degrees to enable them to understand ‘machine code’ and other high level engineering languages!”

“It will never work; those American guys are nuts!” someone shouted from the back of the class.

“These guys are designing new types of computer programming,” the professor explained. “It’s no longer about HARDware but SOFTware (the computer programming).

“It’s not electronic engineers that are needed now, but you guys need to think about using your skills in maths to switch to Computer Programming in these new languages!”

Fast Forward: The new age of “software” gave birth to amazing new companies that transformed everything in society.

Fast Forward: This is 2019 (about 37 years since I first heard the word “microcomputer”). As I look back I see the other extraordinary tech revolutions that followed, such as computers getting smaller and smaller until they’ve become the Smart phone. Their software is unrecognizable now, driven from the “cloud” and on “the edge”.

Writing programs no longer needs a PhD in computer science, although those are the best paid guys on the planet right now (instead of investment bankers)! We now talk of kids as young as five years old “coding”! What is going on?!

If I were in an engineering class at a university today, I know they’d be discussing “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

A new generation of entrepreneurs will now emerge just like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs did back in the 1980s. And like Jeff Bezos, Tony Ma and Jack Ma they will create amazing businesses to take advantage of the emergence of the mobile Internet.

AI will eventually lead to robots that walk and do amazing things, certainly in most of your lifetimes. But even before then, today, there are going to be amazing companies that emerge.

AI is here!

And you are probably already using it without really stopping to understand why your mobile phone Apps can do such clever things!

I want you to start getting to understand everything you can about AI. It will create an opening for you, but it will not just happen because you have a nice face! You cannot win in a game you don’t even know exists, let alone its rules!

Now to Muzinda Hub:

As I reflected on AI one day, I thought of my time in that university class discussing Bill Gates and “microcomputers”. Back then it all seemed like science fiction! Computers so small they could fit on a desk?! If they had said even a computer for your pocket, I would have fainted!

Don’t listen to all this nonsense about AI taking people’s jobs! Hundreds of millions of new types of jobs will be created, just like with every other technology before. AI is the biggest technology we have ever had; it’s bigger than all those other technologies put together.

Muzinda Hub?

Yeah, it’s about preparing young Africans for the rise of AI (well, my own small contribution):

Let’s talk. I want to introduce “Mass Coding” skills to equip us for AI industry.

To be continued. . .


Author:Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Econet Group. He serves on several international boards including Unilever, and the Global Advisory boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and Stanford University. A board member of the Rockefeller Foundation for 15 years, he also serves as Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, Pathways for Prosperity, and the Global Business Coalition on Education. He and his wife, Tsitsi, co-founded the Higherlife Foundation and are signators of the Giving Pledge.

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  1. Afterthought 2.

    The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is changing the way most people across the world live and work, just like the age of microcomputers has in the past 40+ years. New technologies will mean learning new skills, or improving some of the ones you already have. But it’s not all about technology. Let me know what you think about this article: “The 10 vital skills you will need for the future of work”:

  2. Alfred Tembo writes,

    Good morning from Zambia (a country you dearly love) Dr. Masiyiwa

    With regards create such an impactful platform to benefit the continent’s rural economies, would you be kind enough to consider investing in Zambia and Eastern province in particular through a collaborative engagement.

    I could help provide learning space and seek your resource support to establish a satelite Muzinda Hub this would help in the skills transfer for those in the rural communities without knowldge about this learning centre.

    This would help people acquire new syatems that were never in their ecosystem, provide opportunities to progressively do small businesses and advance from the current social status to become a more cultured community

    My reply,
    Zambia is one of Liquid Telecom’s most important markets. Just this year we invested over $20m new capital into Zambia, as Liquid Telecom.
    We have investigated building a fibre optic cable through Eastern Zambia to connect to Malawi. We shelved it at the time because it was prohibitive. I will check again to see where we are.
    It will be done sooner than later.

  3. #Reflection:

    AI will evolve just like mobile phones technology!

    My mobile phone in 1998 was one of the coolest most advanced in the world, but if I use it today, you will laugh at me.
    AI systems [and their enablement to different businesses] are today like mobile phones of 21 years ago.
    They will evolve very quickly, and become incredibly smart, and incredibly pervasive. Just like I could not tell 21 years ago that we would have “Smartphones” with more computing power than a computer of 21 years ago; I cannot tell you what AI will do [no one can]:
    We just know that it is here and it is going to be HUGE!
    People who are smart will start to look at ways to @Play in this game. But you cannot play in a game you don’t even know exists, let alone know the various opportunities for players.

    Over the next two weeks I want to trigger your imagination to possibilities that exist TODAY [to position you for tomorrow]

  4. #Pause:
    Don’t get confused by the terminology!
    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Intelligence (AI), 4th Industrial Revolution, 5G, Cloud and Edge Computing, biotech, 3D Printing, self driving cars, robots,…self driving cars, advanced manufacturing…

    Think of it like a game of football with different positions for players in order to drive the game [goalkeeper, striker, midfielder, defender]; none of this confuses a soccer fan, because they know the game!
    If you put your mind to it, you will not be confused by the terms of the new Industrial Revolution. You must know this game…it is not optional to be ignorant!

  5. #Building The Infrastructure for AI:

    I would like you to look at the website of this company:
    Africa Data Centers [ADC]:

    This is one of the most important companies to enable AI in Africa.
    It is the single largest provider of Data Center infrastructure in Africa.

    It is on track to become a Unicorn [a private company valued at more than $1bn] by next year.

    The reason you have never heard about it, until now is because it is a B2B company.

    Let’s play the game guys. Don’t get distracted by all the noise around you. Stay focused.
    I’m here to teach you to play, even as I also play [Im still young enough to be a player coach]!

    ps: I’m the largest shareholder of Africa Data Centers.

  6. Blessing Machiya Shumbakadzi writes,

    Sounds quite intimidating especially if you have no idea what this all means!

    My reply,
    You are too young to talk like that. You are already using AI [ or worse being used by AI] to consume various products and services:
    Take Facebook, our beloved platform:
    They use AI extensively, and are at the forefront of the battle for global dominance of this new world.
    Google~ forefront of AI!
    Your little browser is a clever “Bot”increasingly driven by AI.

  7. Reigning Ruling King writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Jeez! If you’re young enough for this game, then I’m only a kid.

    I’m getting my boots and shinguard immediately.

    It can’t get more interesting than this!

    What do you advice some of us who are into education services?

    My reply,
    AI is moving into education big time!
    Can you see it?
    If not, start looking to understand it.
    I’m excited about it, and have began to put together teams to develop new businesses that will play in this area.
    Muzinda Hub, Ruzivo and Akello some of our businesses that will hopefully give us a position to play in this world, as education entrepreneurs!

  8. Felix Chimezie writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa i desperately need to learn coding and more importantly all i can about artifical intelligence but i doubt i can afford it in Nigeria no one is ready to impact knowledge for free

    My reply,
    Don’t build barriers for yourself.
    If you can learn about the English Premier League, then you can learn about AI. The Internet is exploding with free information.
    You don’t have to play like Drogba to understand football, and you can make money from football even if you weigh 200kgs. We are talking about “learning to earn”!

  9. Tarisai Vambe writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa you are a positive force to people like myself. Personally I studied an undergrad in Business & Computing. But then diverted into Business Management in the corporate world. Just completed my MBA and thinking of the next thing to boost my value add and I think you’ve helped me. Digital / AI will be interesting even for business strategists like myself. Ndatenda hangu.

    My reply,
    You should put in an application to join one of our teams. This does not guarantee you a job, but someone will reach out to you!

  10. Wuni Bitrus writes,

    We must prepare our kids to have a stake in the future. Strive Masiyiwa we have been doing same Deaf Technology Foundation were we equip and empower Deaf Kids with these skills and am glad they are owing the future, breaking the status quo, changing the narratives that indeed #HearingLoss is not a curse but a blessing in disguise. Watch out for these kids.

    My reply,

    This is a #Shout Out! Moment!

    Keep posting about this work.

  11. Felix Chimezie writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa you are a blessing and i wish God altered the plan for you to be Nigerian, i wish to learn as much as i can and impact these knowledge on our younger generation especially those in secondary schools and universities

    My reply,
    Prove to me I’m not Nigerian!
    Did you see me at the last World Cup tournament?
    I’m a Nigerian without a tribe, because I’m also Kenyan, and Motswana.

    When President Mugabe tried to stop me from renewing my passport three African countries offered me a passport immediately.
    By the way Felix, someone told me you are Zimbabwean who changed his name from Chimedza to Chimezie!

    Even our names are the same.
    Time to enjoy being [whole] African!
    I’m an AfriCAN!

  12. Classic Bob writes,

    Some people have over the years developed some of the aboved mentioned skills personally. But in a world were you can’t be given a job without certificate, how does a person with these skills get certified?

    My reply,
    Many years ago when I lived in SA, I discovered that there was something I needed to learn, so I researched and found there was a course at a local college. I enrolled for classes, and as soon as the course module was done, I left without the certificate. I went to learn, not to get a certificate.
    Learn with an an entrepreneurial mindset. If you study for the purpose of getting a job, you will come short. Learn to advance your own understanding, and add to your knowledge; the job is just a bonus.

  13. Faruna Godwin Abuh writes,

    Am also an engineering student, have already started my coding course, Started with web development and will learn into machine learning. You are the inspiration behind this! Thanks a lot sir.

    My reply,
    When you have qualified, we would like you to apply to us for a position.
    Meanwhile, I would be happy for you to intern with the guys at Muzinda at some point in your studies.
    This is my second gift of the day!
    God bless you Faruna. It was your day today!

  14. #MLE:

    For those of collecting the “Masiyiwa Laws of Entrepreneurship” [MLE]. Here is another one:

    “Never show anger or frustration, because in Africa it is seen as weakness or even vulnerability”.
    ~Strive Masiyiwa

    I once went to see a very powerful leader at his office. The reception area was full of people who all had exactly the same time [2pm] for appointment!
    Some of the guys who were there, we pretty upset, as the hours ground on. Some had travelled from outside the country. Many of them were really important business people.

    I sat down quietly, with my computer and worked on email. That day I cleared every email.
    I did not see the guy until 11pm, and most people who came in front of me left in indignation.

    When I finally saw this leader, I did not show any anger or frustration.
    I got what I came for, and went my way.

    Patience? I have bucket loads of the stuff!

  15. #MLE:

    “Show me the money!”
    ~Strive Masiyiwa

    A lot of businesses in the digital era, particularly Apps are built on very flimsy Revenue Generating Models, that will not make any money at all!

    If someone tells me they will generate money from “Ads”, it usually means they have no idea what they are talking about!
    “Ads” In Africa? Think again!

    There are a lot of people running around with beautiful little Apps, that draw customers, as long as they are free! What is the point of a customer who does not pay?

    Don’t be engaged in a business that does not make money!
    There are a lot of people who are very active with businesses that were never designed to make money!

  16. Michael Ojo writes,

    What about the building industry ?
    i am a graduate architect
    can it still be part of this industry ?

    My reply,
    Why should it be left out?
    What industry does not use computers today?
    So every industry will use AI.
    After you read this why not “Google”, that question directly:

    “How will AI affect the construction industry?”
    Here is one article I just read:

    Next time do it for yourself. You can do a search on any industry instead of asking me.

  17. #MLE:

    “Anyone who has ever worked with me, will tell you that I will accept mistakes, even serious mistakes, but I will never accept to be lied to or misled.

    I particularly dislike it when a senior executive does it. No one survives lying or misleading me. If I find that I have been misled, there is no second chance. Whereas people who make mistakes get many chances.”

    ~Strive Masiyiwa

  18. Florence Shamu Mutasa writes,

    Shares __Any shares flotation because Econet Shares we missed that time

    My reply,
    Honestly, Florence; surely you know by now that shares of public listed companies are on sale every single day from Monday to Friday.
    You can buy Econet, Cassava, today. You even buy Liquid bonds on the Irish Stock Exchange. They are all listed.
    Econet and Cassava is easier for you.

    In Zimbabwe right now, because of hyper inflation, the smartest thing to do is to get out of cash and move into shares, and fixed assets. I once did a post on how I protected my value using the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, during the last hyper inflation. If you already hold shares, in any company don’t sell, because you are likely to run a loss. Shares will almost always outperform inflation.
    I gave you a little rebuke, then I gave you the best wealth management advice for you and your family.

  19. #Reflection:
    See how I’m talking about AI? That is how I was talking about Mobile phones in 1990!
    People used to laugh at me, as though I was crazy.
    Well after I talked about it, I got down to looking for ways to #Play in this new game. I went into “DEEP LEARNING MODE”~ I read, I listened. I made friends with those who were talking about this new game.

    By 1993, it was like “fire in my bones”. I lost interest in my other buys, and either sold or closed them. I had become a Mobile Phone guy!

    Soon I became part of a small group who were seen as the pioneers of the African cell phone industry.

    In 2000 President Obasanjo called me to Nigeria, and paid me the biggest compliment:
    “They tell me you are the most knowledgeable African on mobile phones. We want you here.”
    In 10 years, I hope to here that some of you reading this are the “AI guys of Africa.”

  20. Zibusiso Mpofu writes,

    From the moment this company became a stand-alone and neutral from Liquid I knew this will be a monster because the demand hasn’t been stretched yet,brilliantly played sir but you have been so upbeat about Clean city for the past week I fail to see where is the money there.people would rather buy food than call a rubish collector.I think it’s a great idea but will it fly? liquid becomes entrenched in north and west africa it takes ADC with it .

    My reply,
    Smart observations as usual:

    #1. Probably the first time, I have ever publicly commented about Africa Data Centers [ADC]. Yet this company is been in the group, for more than five years.
    #2. Some of you will remember an American lady called Katie Hill, who interviewed us during the DAVOS event?
    She is a very senior member of the ADC management team, and we hired her from Apple in the US. She now lives in Kenya.

    ADC is no longer a Start Up. It has operations and offices, in SA, UK, France, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan.
    We are working on Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Morocco.
    It is humming!

    #3. I will comment separately on Clean City.

  21. Oliver YoungJunior Ramaabya writes,

    Sir I am one of the 500 people in Botswana that will be doing your course , Muzinda Hub has partnred with Dare To Dream organisation here in Botswana to mobilise atleast 500 people/students to join these course for Free for the next 5 months.

    I met Dare to Dream team a day before yesterday (2 JULY 2019) and i made a good relationship with them .I told them about my ORGANISATION called Youth For ChAnge Hub , that its core mandate is to empower youth. I realised that Dare To Dream in partnership with MazindaHub could not reach their target of registering 500 students for the Coding online course.

    I told them skills like mobile development and user interface design will be in high demand in the coming years because i have intentions of introducing such initiatives in schools .

    Fast Forward i made an agreement with Dare To Dream that i will help them look for atleast 100 students to join these course in my homevillage and submit the forms tomorrow to them .And also work together with them in the future becAuse we share the same visions , “EMPOWER YOUTH ”

    Sir Strive i have learnt that MazindaHub is one of the ORGANISATION you have shares at , Thank you for the Work you doing fot Africa , For the world .We are very strong because of you .You continue to inspire me and the rest of the people in The world.

    My wish and intentions is to see such skills being part of school systems in Botswana which is something that i am working on .

    My reply,
    This is great news!

    I kept my promises on Botswana made at our town hall with President Masisi in April.
    We are setting up a Coding School with an amazing local partner Captain Kgomotso Phatsima, one of the first female pilots in Botswana. I will say more later! I’m coming back next month to launch the training of the first 500 students. We are also selecting the first trainees for the fibre installations. The first 100 will be trained by October.

  22. Joseph Chinokoro writes,

    I have good news for you Chief. Last month I was selected to be Hult Prize campus director for Midlands State University. Hult Prize is one of the biggest engine for the launch of for good, for profit startups emerging from universities, and every year welcomes 2000+ universities around the globe. Hult Prize has trained over 1 million youth in impact entrepreneurship over the past decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M in capital into the sector and mobilized and empowered millions of young people to re-think the future of business as it contuse to breed disruptive innovation and university campuses across 120 plus countries. I hope to be working with one your organization to support this movement in Zimbabwe. I want to thank you Chief for the inspiration, now i’m part of movement that is positively changing our community

    My reply,

    I have heard of this Prize. You should talk to our team at Higherlife and Delta to see what they can do to support and collaborate with you. Well done, Midlands University, what an honor for you!

  23. #MLE:

    “You are not in business if you don’t have a website”
    ~Strive Masiyiwa

    Every business must have a website.
    On this platform I expect you to have a website.
    In future why not include your website next to your name.
    The moment I read about you, I want to go to a website.
    Now, if you don’t have a business?
    Set up a website on which you put your aspirations and make a real pitch.
    The website can be a “place holder”.
    Now if you don’t know how to do a website?
    Our student coders can help you!

  24. #Pause:
    The more you understand a business, and the industry it forms part of, the more opportunities it will offer you.
    That is how it all works.
    So with all your getting, get understanding.

    It is also important to avoid superficial understanding of something. This happens when you read one little article or see a tv program, and you rush off to implement something!
    Someone once said “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!
    I have talked about AI this week:
    Treat this as simply an ‘ALERT’~you will now begin a personal journey on the subject that may take you years before you garner enough knowledge to be a player.
    But study you must, week in, and week out!
    One day [years from now] , I hope to hear that some of you went on to become experts and established amazing businesses for yourselves or even Not For Profits.

  25. #Pause:
    Don’t forget what I told you years ago, about the importance of having a website for your business:

    Every business must have a website. It is not optional.

    I will never allow a new business to start operating without first establishing a website.
    If you do not have a website, how do I find you?
    Remember your web address is more important than a physical address, because it makes you instantly global!

    When we launched the @Clean City Africa:
    CleanCity Africa. Website went live same day!

  26. Progress Ibrahim writes,

    I diligently follow your mentorship,leadership, teachings and instructions on this platform. Today I can say I’m an entrepreneur and an author.

    I recently completed my work I have been sharing on this platform. I can see real change from the first day I know him and now.

    PROCEDURES TO DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLE OF 3SRULES (Business models of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon etc)

    Click on this website it will take you to homepage.

    Scroll down you will see download free sample.

    Enter your email, username and mark the not a robot pop up and mark newsletter.

    Click on download it’ll take you to a page showing PDF, UPUB, MOBI format. Download the format you desire.

    Consume the free sample and send a comment to

    I want to encourage my fellow Friend on this platform that when we follow diligently the mentorship of our mentor we shall definitely experience real changes and growth in our lives.

    #3Srules #progressibrahim

    My reply,
    #Shout Out!

  27. #Today’s MLE reminder:

    “Use what is in your hand. It is enough to get you started.”
    ~Strive Masiyiwa

    When I take an interest in a new technology, or innovation; my approach is always to try and #Pivot, using what is in my hand.

    Here is an example:
    When I realized the importance of the emerging AI [ a few years ago], I decided to use what was in my hand to play. I understood that AI would require infrastructure such as Fibre Optic networks, so we increased our investment in that area. we also doubled down on Data Centers [these are huge computer centers that cost hundreds of millions to build]:
    We did it quietly and without making a fuss or blowing a horn:

    #It has been more than 10 years!

    Now you may not have heard about ADC for example, until I referenced it a few days ago, but ask the companies like Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, and every large bank in Africa:
    They know ADC!

    Today we have some of the fastest growing businesses that are gearing up to play.

    “Use what is in your hand. It is enough”

    AI will affect whatever you currently do, and when you truly get to understand it, then you will realize you already have the ability to enter and play!

  28. #Pause:

    Never use failure as a benchmark for success!

    A young man who had failed his exam came up with a strategy on how to approach the potential wrath of his father who expected him to pass:

    “Dad, this was a very strange exam” he began even before he was asked:
    “I think there is something wrong with our teachers” he continued.
    “Why, what happened?” The father asked, unaware of the son’s strategy.

    “How can everyone fail, like that!” The son said, feigning indignation.
    Then he started to name everyone whose marks were lower than his own, before adding indignantly:
    “Andrew is brilliant Dad, but even he got only 30%!”

    Finally, the father managed to get a word into the conversation:

    “Son, what of your own [result]?”
    The son then said confidently:
    “Not bad Dad, I got 29%. I did almost as well as Andrew whom, as you know I have never beaten before.”

    This was an exercise in deception, and when I was a boy, a good parent would have given you a good hiding!

    You must always be on the lookout for this kind of approach by people, who set failure and mediocrity as their benchmark.
    Success is success;
    Failure is failure.

    If someone fails to do something, nothing is gained by comparing them to someone who also failed.

  29. Nick Alegria writes,

    “I’m excited about it, and have began to put together teams to develop new businesses that will play in this area.” – Strive Masiyiwa. This (skill of) putting together of teams to pursue an opportunity has always fascinated me, this isn’t the first time nor third time you mention of putting together a team and assigning a task to them, they’ve been more. I’ve always been curious to where do these individuals come from (where do you find them) ? What’s the criteria of selecting them? Are there compensations involved? Time frames? and more?

    My reply,
    As a business grows bigger the “teams” generally come from within the organization.
    For instance we have more than 10,000 people, so we can easily reach out to look for people to work on something.
    Sometimes we reach out to professional advisory firms [there are many such organizations, and it’s not just McKinsey] to provide the teams.
    It was not always like that:
    When I was running a “start up” or small business [as many on this platform], I built my teams with the few people I had [never allow anyone to have a rigid role, but have people who are willing to try different things to move the company forward].

    I also reached out to potential partners [something I still do, even today ]:
    If I was on this platform for instance I would have been constantly scanning to see who I could work with on something.

    As I have said before keep pitching to each other on this platform, by telling us what you do, and attaching a website next to your name. It will open doors. I’m not asking for blatant advertising, but investment and potential partnership pitches to your own peers.

  30. #Pause:

    Something I said to Nick Alegria

    I also reached out to potential partners [something I still do, even today ]:
    If I was on this platform for instance I would have been constantly scanning to see who I could work with on something.

    As I have said before keep pitching to each other on this platform, by telling us what you do, and attaching a website next to your name. It will open doors. I’m not asking for blatant advertising, but investment and potential partnership pitches to your own peers.

  31. #Reflection:
    This last weekend, my family and I had the amazing privilege to spend several hours with Pastor Rick Warren in Rwanda.
    We discussed and shared on so many different issues, and most importantly he gave us so many life lessons [those things that will stay with you for ever].
    I will drop some of the nuggets, as I review my notes. Be on the look out for them.

  32. #Reflection:

    Here is something quite profound that Rick Warren told me yesterday as we discussed leadership:

    “Most people don’t have the maturity to be given power:
    Power is never for yourself; it is for the benefit of others”
    ~Pastor Rick Warren

    I see it all the time, both in politics, business leadership, and management.

  33. #Visit to Rwanda,

    I’m still in Rwanda, and I have agreed to do an impromptu meeting with some entrepreneurs at Kigali Convention Centre, at 5:30pm.
    If you are sound try and join us.
    It will not be streamed as there was not enough time.
    See you there.
    I leave soon after.

  34. #Reflection:
    Don’t let it bother you, if you are not an entrepreneur!

    When I was a teenager I was a very fast runner at school, and by the time I was fifteen I was running in school championships. But I soon realized that although I was really good at my school, when I went to the next level, there were people just better than me.
    I was not going to be a star athlete.
    I continued to enjoy sport but turned my attention to the things I was good at, and could excel.
    I never skipped a beat:
    I was never depressed, or bitter towards those who were good at it.

    If I was to draw up a list of things I’m NOT good at, I would spend the whole week!
    Boy, it is a long, long list!

    A friend of mine was one of the smartest guys I ever met; certainly much smarter than me. He had a great career as a professional working for big international companies. He just excelled in that corporate environment as an executive.
    One day he came to me, and declared he was going to start a business.

    “It’s not for you.” I counseled gently.
    He felt quite insulted that I could make such a suggestion, and immediately began to list our mutual friends and associations, who were not as smart and yet were good entrepreneurs.
    He went ahead anyway!
    A few years later I met him looking gaunt, and wasted:
    “Have you been ill?” I asked.
    I had never seen anyone so stressed, and yet the things he was stressed about were routine daily stuff for me, because that is exactly why I’m an entrepreneur:
    My stress tolerance is extremely high. I’m just built that way, just like Le Bron James is 6’8”.

    I cannot imagine the pressure and stress that a Formula One racing driver goes through. I know I could not drive a car at that speed, even if you offered me training:
    It’s not for me.

    Imagine having to take a penalty at a World Cup?!
    It’s not for me!

    I urged him to go and get a job. He would not listen, and soon succumbed to illness. This happens all the time.

    Be honest and true to yourself.
    Don’t worry if you find that this is not for you.

    And when you do succeed at whatever it is you were given a unique talent, don’t look down at those who tried and failed, or those who do not have what you have through that talent:
    There is no talent given by which you can be better human being than another. Not even the talent to lead a nation.

    There are two vocations I admire more than any other on earth, when they are done by those truly called:

    #Primary School teacher.

    Have a nice day!


  35. #ShoutOut!

    Rachael Mwikali writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa True.For the primary school teacher,I said same on friday and Saturday. My friends and I visited schools and one school had a unit/rescue centre for the pupils living with disabilities and the vulnerable.Most of my friends broke down to tears.Why didnt I cry?.Am a nurse.The primary teachers carry most of these pupils to their beds,clean and feed them.Most of the pupils in the unit are on diapers.74 pupils .You can imagine.The government has not yet allocated funds for them. The primary school teachers have to deep into their pockets and feed them.After schools close ,some guardians dont come for the pupils.. So the teachers have to take them to their homes and live with them.BUT..only those with a calling My friends and I have been supporting the programme and this time round we donated over a thousand books,foodstuffs, beds, and toiletries.
    The best part,we connected piped water to their water tanks.I have respect for those primary teachers, 2 actually,they are doing more than I a nurse can do.God bless them.

  36. Kibuuka Ibrahim Luckyhorse Mirrorz writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa I also believe that being able to handle STRESS is what differentiate the two;
    Those who should be Entrepreneurs and
    Those who should be Employees

    My reply,
    Each comes with its own type of stress!
    We need both.
    You cannot build a big business without employees.

  37. #Breaking News:

    Visit to DRC!

    As many of you know I was in DRC yesterday. I was incredibly well received by the new President of the country, HE Felix Tshisekedi.
    I took with me a full team of our Liquid leadership to discuss the expansion of our business in the country. We have been there for more than 7 years now, and I have always considered it one of the most promising markets in Africa.

    In DRC Liquid Telecom has built one of the most amazing fiber optic networks in the world!

  38. #Breaking News!

    Visit to Angola!

    Tomorrow and Friday I will be in Angola.
    Although this is a business trip, I would like to meet some of you from Angola on this platform.
    What do you think?
    I think we can find a bit of time on Friday, but not for a full Townhall as we do not have facility for streaming.
    Let me know if you are interested then the team will pick it up.

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