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 DPA Africa

Distributed Power Africa (DPA) is a market leader in Africa, in innovative renewable energy solutions. We have operations across Africa including in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. DPA’s mission is to increase the continent’s uptake of renewable solar energy as a comprehensive and reliable source of power by eliminating the barrier of initial capital outlay, optimising power usage, and reducing costs. The company supplies commercial & industrial businesses and individuals with efficient green solar energy without an initial capital outlay.

Our Power Solutions

Our Proposition


We offer corporate and industrial clients maximum energy requirements from the sun on a Power Lease Agreement or Power Purchase Agreement, with zero deposit and zero technical risk. Our Solutions are customised to business usage and integrated with existing grid and generator supplies. Operations, maintenance, monitoring and energy optimisation is FREE for the duration of the lease.


Our Home standard solutions are 3kW, 5kW and 10kW systems, which combine solar panels with battery storage to offset 30% or more of daily household energy needs on an affordable monthly lease. Connection to the grid and generator is included with operations, maintenance, and monitoring and energy optimisation for the 10 year lease.

Our Locations

Kenya South Africa Zimbabwe

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