Media Update: Latest Court developments

21 February 2012

Media Update: Latest Court developments

On 21st February, Econet Wireless filed its opposing papers to an injunction to stop the arbitration process,over the ownership of 65%, filed on 13th February 2012 by Bharti Airtel, in the Lagos High Court.

The matter has been set down for hearing on 28th February 2012. A copy of the papers, of both parties, can be obtained from the Lagos High Court or by clicking the link below:

Counter Affadavit - FBD comments - Click Here to download (PDF 309kb)

Address on Injunction - Click here to download (PDF 396kb)

Meanwhile, Econet Wireless would also like to advise that with respect to the other application for an injunction by Bharti, in the matter of the 5%, shareholding, which was awarded in favour of Econet Wireless, by the Federal High of Nigeria. The matter came up for hearing today, 22nd February 2012, in Kaduna Federal High Court. The judge postponed the matter to 13th March, on request of applicant, (Bharti Airtel).