Econet Sustainability

Agriculture is a crucial economic activity, providing employment and livelihood for many and serving as the basis for many industries in African countries. Our current strategic plan and structure is to target Agricultural Development as an entrepreneurial arm that is expected to provide beneficiaries with a platform to be productive in the agricultural domain.

Making this dream a reality, through Capernaum Trust we have conducted research on Agricultural Education and Farmer Training in colleges that offer the skills. The aim is to finance the studies of History Makers to attend Agricultural Colleges periodically over the next few years and in turn facilitate the History Makers in setting up viable agricultural initiatives and agricultural training program.

An improvement in agricultural skills and infrastructure is likely to have a social and economic ripple effect. Empowering individuals through sustainable agricultural skills has a direct effect on food security, nutrition, and income levels, enabling rural men and women to overcome poverty. By offering new opportunities through Agricultural Development we envision sustainable initiatives that will be applied across Africa and that will eventually lead to the development of African communities.