Econet Sustainability

The Econet Green Kiosk Initiative is an environmentally friendly and resource efficient approach to business that champions employment creation, social upliftment and empowerment of ordinary people.

Due to the high rate of unemployment in African countries, many people have turned to the informal sector for economic and financial solutions. In realization of this fact, Econet has come in to bolster these people and their business models by providing compact, user friendly and resource efficient Green Kiosk units. Whilst permitting Green kiosk holders to continue their chosen line of trade, Econet provides them with inventory in the form of airtime, solar gadgets and trains individuals on the proper use of the unit, products and also the EcoCash mobile banking facility.

Harnessing a renewable resource, its specially designed features powered by solar energy provide green power which is channeled to fitted phone charging units, which allow kiosk owners to provide free phone charging to their communities during power cuts. This ensures that the community remains connected and is an effective solution to the power problems plaguing Africa.

The Green Kiosk is not an intrusive structure, so little or no damage is done to existing infrastructure. All efforts are made to ensure that the location of these kiosks is compliant with local authorities and or existing areas where trade takes place.

Econet is thus providing a sustainable, eco-friendly platform to do business for the benefit of local communities.