Econet Sustainability

This is a real life story inspired by the fishing communities, whose lives have been transformed from mere small informal fishing trade to small to medium businesses.

Fishing is the livelihood of most communities located at the banks of major rivers such as the Zambezi River. This trade is passed from generation to generation. Previously, fishing activities in these areas were predominantly small scale and mostly meant for family consumption. As a result of the remoteness of these areas, the selling of fresh fish was almost impossible. The Fishermen were restricted only to marketing dry fish, a trade that generated very low income for them.

The advent of mobile technologies from Econet Wireless has seen growth in this trade such that the new generations of Fishermen are now finding the job a lot easier. The Fisherman are now using Econet’s cocktail of technologies mainly:

Lantern – for charging the phones and providing light at night during a fishing expedition.

Phone – for communication between buyers and sellers.

EcoCash – for receiving payments from buyers for the catch in hand and then later to transact in every form as they fend for their families.

Econet Wireless’s products and services have changed fishing as it was once known. By developing innovative solutions and providing connectivity even to the remotest areas, Econet Wireless is transforming lives and contributing to the wellbeing of communities.