Pause: How digital is your country?

Pause: How digital is your country?

__”The secret of getting ahead is getting started”…

In the past 20 years digital economy businesses have erupted because of the rise of mobile Internet, creating global titans that have become household names. These include Google ($891.3bn, USA), Facebook ($554.2bn, USA), Amazon ($893.3bn, USA), Tencent ($405.4bn, China), Alibaba ($473.8bn, China), Baidu ($37.7bn, China), Uber ($46bn, USA), Grab (est $14bn, Singapore). These companies have a combined market capitalization of about $3.7tn, compared to the world’s 10 largest oil companies ($1.8tn) and the top 10 mining companies ($576bn).

Looked at in a different way, the market cap of the top 10 “digital economy” companies ($3.7tn) is more than the GDP’s of Africa ($2.3tn), India ($2.6tn), and Russia ($1.6tn).

These digital economy companies have created wealth for both their founders and their countries, and have a few things in common:

#1. They grew out of the Internet and they use mobile Smartphones.
#2. They are dominated by American and Chinese entrepreneurs.
#3. Their founders were all very young when they started.

Africa has not really participated in this revolution yet, except as consumers. We love YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp but most of us have never developed our own platforms in Africa. We enjoy the services but others get the money.

The revolution continues!

One of the favorite icons on my phone is actually the “App Store”. I go there almost every day to look at cool new Apps. But… not as a consumer, as an entrepreneur!

I never do anything strictly as a consumer. I re-wired myself years ago!

Tens of thousands of Apps are registered every year. Some of these Apps will just become fringe activities but other will explode and become a Spotify or Snapchat.

Venture capital investors are also watching these App Stores…

How is Africa doing so far?

Not enough!

If I were to ask you how many Apps have entrepreneurs registered from your country, would you even know?

They are there, and if you know how to look, you will see them pop up. But there are also African countries where my own search has produced nothing and some of these are really large countries. This is not a good sign, because it means they will produce only consumers of digital economy products now and in the near future.

Can we actually fix this problem in the hope that one day Africa can produce giant digital economy companies?

Why not?

You mean we cannot produce a Nigerian version of Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Or an African Twitter?

Why not?

An African Uber?

Why not?

But before anyone ever does anything he or she must first “believe” it is possible.

Those who once colonized and enslaved us never wanted us to “believe” in ourselves, but unfortunately, when they left, we often struggled to shake off this “unbelief” in our own capacity.

So even though we have young minds that can do it, there is a limiting #mindset sometimes that we have to work on. A poster I saw one day said (something like): “Millions of people can believe in you but none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself”.

We must do everything possible to encourage our entrepreneurs into this space. And also to ensure our children have the digital skills they need to get started young. The Digital Age has only just begun!

With Sasai Explore I want to create a platform where young African entrepreneurs can submit their Apps and offer services to a global marketplace. If you have developed an App or want to develop one, now is the opportunity.

Why not submit your App or tell us about an African App you think is ready for prime time! It’s also an opportunity to position your country for the Digital Age.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started…!”


Author:Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Econet Group. He serves on several international boards including Unilever, and the Global Advisory boards of the Council on Foreign Relations and Stanford University. A board member of the Rockefeller Foundation for 15 years, he also serves as Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). He is a co-founder of the Carbon War Room, Pathways for Prosperity, and the Global Business Coalition on Education. He and his wife, Tsitsi, co-founded the Higherlife Foundation and are signators of the Giving Pledge.

38 Replies to “Pause: How digital is your country?”

  1. #Pause:

    Digital literacy goes beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    My 17 year old daughter is much more literate digitally than I am!

    Sadly, we have far too many adults who have Smartphones, and yet do not really know why they are “smart”!

    Someone once wrote to me on this platform to complain that they do not yet have access to the Internet.
    So I asked a simple question:
    “So how did you access this platform?”
    To which he answered:
    “Through Facebook on my Smartphone”

    A relative of mine told me she wanted a Smartphone so she could use WhatsApp, and Facebook.

    That is like telling me you want a Ferrari so that you can drive to the shops!

  2. #Pause:

    Sasai Explore localization:

    What local services do you want to see on Sasai Explore?

    As some of you who use Sasai App have noticed, we have began to localize the services in each Sasai Explore icon.

    To access “Nigerian” content, all you do is to change the country at the top to Nigeria, from anywhere in the world, and suddenly it localizes things like news, etc.
    If I want news from Kenya or Zimbabwe I do the same.
    Question is:
    “What available services have you found missing, that you would like added?”
    We have room to add many more!
    Give us your recommendation, and the proposed service icon.

  3. Premium Toppers writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa
    I love you Sir without reservations.
    Implemented one of your strategies shared on this platform this year and it made me $14,000. Am a young entrepreneur from Nigeria.
    Am into manufacturing of children and party items big time.
    Am watching closely on this page because this is where I get all my business inspirations and ideas from.

    You will be very proud of what I will become for Africa and for Nigeria very soon.
    Am ready to take the challenge.

    My name remains Kenneth Uhunoma Kenneth,CEO Kenni700 Limited.

    God bless @Strive Masiyiwa,
    God bless Africa
    And God bless Nigeria.


    My reply,
    #ShoutOut Kenni700!
    Proud of you…

  4. #My visit to Soweto today!

    Thursday I was still in SA, on day 3 of the South Africa investment conference.
    The President used the visit to Soweto to outline what his government is doing and planning for young entrepreneurs!

    I urge our friends in SA to get a hold of that speech, and read it over and over again, with a pen and notebook.
    #Serious stuff, from a very serious leader!

    Look, if you want your policymakers to come up with serious policies to support entrepreneurs, ask them to get this speech and @Fast Follow!

  5. Prudence Mpulu Oatlhotse writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa HeadUp is a mental health app aimed at educating and providing support to people who suffer from mental health issues or circumstances that could lead to a deterioration of mental health. It has depression and anxiety screening, saves previous screening results so you can go over them with a professional, you can consume articles and videos shared to the app by other users, a story feature that allows for anonymous stories complete with content/trigger warnings.
    Over 300million people in the world suffer from depression and millions more from other mental illnesses.

    My reply,
    The issue of Mental Health has become a global pandemic which we must all take seriously. There is no one who is immune from it.
    Your recommendation is very powerful. I will pass it onto the Sasai Explore team, so they can add it to the “Lifestyle” icon on the next update.
    Meanwhile remember that anyone who is suffering from Mental Health [whether it is you, a friend or relative] is no different from someone who is diagnosed of something like Cancer. They need urgent treatment by a trained physician. Let’s not stigmatize the person, because that only makes it worse. Let’s be enlightened about these things, and give the appropriate help and response. Mental Health can be treated just like Diabetes or any other chronic illness.

  6. [Name withheld] asked me whether Sasai App works in their country.

    Whilst my answer is, “yes, it works as long as there is Internet access.”

    But my greater concern from this question goes to something bigger:
    Digital Literacy:
    “Even though many of us have Smartphones, and are accessing popular services like Facebook; how well are we able to actually navigate the Internet, even to simply download an App?”

  7. #Pause:

    A Smartphone is a Computer!

    Did you know that the Smartphone in your hand is much more powerful than the computers that were used at NASA in 1969 to put man on the moon!

    Being an engineer, I used to carry around my computer everywhere until I realized the full computing capability of my Smartphone.

    Whenever I see someone with a Smartphone, I always wonder just how much they appreciate its real power.

    Whilst I don’t expect everyone to use their Smartphone like an engineer would, the fact of the matter is, far too many people are using a fraction of the capability of the Smartphone in their hands.
    WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Sasai…these are tiny aspects of the Internet.
    The Digital Divide is not simply about getting access to the Internet but also ensuring everyone has the skills to optimize their use once they are on line.

    Whenever you get a chance, help people to realize the capability of their Smartphone as well as the Internet.

  8. Austin Uzim writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa Please, let Sasai team restore the #Livescore that was removed last week. I do not know why it was removed. I know I’m a sport fan not a fanatic, but I used livescore on Sasai to get most friends I know who are football fanatics to download this app. I even wrote a post title “what featured services attracted you to Sasai” see link here:

    My reply,
    I totally agree with you. Mr Darlington please bring back Livescore!

  9. #Pause:

    There are only three [legitimate] ways that an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial business make money!

    Every time I sit down to prepare a new post these days, I find myself thinking about what Peter Drucker said:
    Remember what he said?
    There are ONLY three [legitimate] ways for an entrepreneur and a business to make money!

    Do you remember them?

    [ps: I don’t consider people who have powerful relatives in government to give them tenders and contracts to be entrepreneurs. I’m also too polite to use the right word for them]

  10. #Reflection:

    From Airtime Agent to App Agent!

    “You see those airtime agents on the streets of Lagos and Harare? They were an #Innovation I and my team actually created!
    But that was 20 years ago!

    It’s now time for your generation to develop a new type of street agent—The “App Agent”!

    —I envisage an army of young people who are trained to help people use their smartphones more effectively:
    Everyday these App Agents would show people different Apps that are available that can help them with so many things in their daily lives.”

    This is what I told the CEO of Cassava a few weeks ago.

    If I was a young person looking for a job, I would just set up a kiosk [as an App Agent] and give people advice on Apps!

    “Oh how I wish there were more entrepreneurs out there!”

  11. Kenyan Mathenge Simon writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa We call it crony capitalism.

    My reply,
    Yes, but don’t get distracted by the “ps” answer the question that I posed:
    What are the three ways an entrepreneur makes money?

  12. #Reflection:

    How many Apps do you use, personally?

    There are 2.6m Apps for Android Smartphones, and 2.2m for iPhone users.
    Globally more than 6000 new Apps are registered daily?

    I’m very selective about the Apps that I use on my phone but I generally use about 30 Apps, including this one, called Facebook [which is just one out of 2,6m available to me].
    Looking at my Apps, I use Apps that help me with WellBeing, news, business, entrepreneurship, and entertainment [smallest number].
    I consider my choice to be quite personal, so I won’t tell you.

    Apps are the key to unlocking the potential of a Smartphone.
    These Apps, are getting more and more powerful by the day, and when AI comes, there will be amazing Apps that you cannot even imagine today, whilst some existing ones will be upgraded beyond imagination!

    Every week, I love to browse the App Stores to see what has come up in my interest areas.

    Five big questions for you:

    (1). How many Apps do you use every day?
    (2). How many of them actually help you make money or improve your earning capacity?

    And here is my Biggie:

    (3). Have you contributed anything to the 2,6m Apps yet?

    (4). Do you use an App published by Africans?
    Please list:
    PS. Sasai is an App published by Africans in 25x African languages.

    (5). Do you know any Apps that have been registered from your own country?

  13. Austin Uzim writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa

    Thank you Chief for always inspiring us to be impactful and also develop solutions and innovations that can solve Africa’s many problems. One of the greatest of such problem Africa faces today is in health sector. So, my friend who is a medical doctor and I thinkered around a project and we created Genosure App.

    To that request #Why not submit your app?This project was inspired by the fact that we see newly diagnosed cases of sickle cell disease on a daily basis despite the supposed ongoing awareness.

    “This App was created when I discovered that adults were getting the wrong results, and therefore making the wrong choices”

    ~Dr Ogwa Sim

    We hope that soon, our app will reach all who live in endemic areas of the world.

    We hope that people will seek help from the right places and be equipped with correct information.

    Our Mission

    – TO PROMOTE a carrier centered campaign

    – TO ALERT carriers and everyone in affected areas to be sure of their and their partners’ genotypes

    – TO ENSURE people get correct results.

    – TO AID those living with sickle cell disorder via education, self-care and improve health-seeking attitude

    – TO PREVENT new cases of sickle cell disease


    To ensure that people are sure of their genotypes and lead campaign against wrong results- (to be genosure).

    To educate those affected by sickle cell disorder and assist them with self-care

    To ensure that carriers are more involved in the campaign for prevention of new cases of sickle cell disorder

    To educate carriers, those with sickle cell disorder and their care-givers

    To give psychological support, remind patients of their routines and make record keeping easier

    To ensure that young carriers within reproductive age groups are more involved in the campaign for the prevention of new cases and make them realise prevention is largely in their hands

    To make clinical management easier via record keeping, symptom awareness, self-care and compliance with routines.

    To get sickle cell disease patients more involved with and more educated about their own management.

    Sir, on behalf of our team on Genosure App with the command of our team leader, I submit to you again, Genosure App which is on version one. Click here to download the app and please leave us a review:

    In a nutshell,
    Genosure App is a self care App designed to:

    – PREVENT new cases of sickle cell disease by education about the condition and proper investigation methods, access to trained counsellors.

    -HELP people living with sickle cell disorder get help. They can reach trained counsellors, routine clinics, certified laboratories. They also get daily reminders about self care, teachings in first aid and a symptom dairy to record complaints.

    To help health practioners manage those with the disorder by means of record keeping via genosure diary. We wish to see this app integrated on Sasai App. And we are willing to come to any level of interview and further inquiries. This app is a response of our solution mindset to cases of sickel cell that has bedeviled West Africa!

    ~Austin Uzim, for the team

    My reply,
    I hope our team see your recommendation and add it to the Sasai Explore App, to help promote it.
    Thanks Austin!

  14. Chebs Suso writes,

    How can I be a digital entrepreneur sir Strive Masiyiwa

    My reply,
    Start by finding out what it is first.
    Right now you are like a guy asking “how can I be an astronaut?”

  15. #Pause:

    When we launched our first MNO 20 years ago, our Call Center Agents were harassed by customers who did not know they had to charge their phones every night.
    It was terrible for our agents, and some of them almost had mental breakdowns.
    One guy nearly assaulted the CEO because his “new phone had just died!”

    Today we have similar problems with customers who do not appreciate that Smartphones have Apps which can automatically update themselves, and in the process use data. These customers tell us the “network has stolen my money”. Our agents then have to show them how to uninstall some of their Apps.

    We train our agents to be polite,even when they are being abused, and then they explain what is happening. It should not have to be like that.

    We need to help people appreciate the power of Apps, and their Smartphones. They will be life changing.

    My mother who is Diabetic has an App which instantly tells her blood sugar reading, and can automatically inform me and the doctor, if her reading is too high!
    That App chews a lot of data, but it’s life saving. There are lots of similar Apps.

  16. #Reflection:

    Don’t offend someone from whom you expect help.

    This should seem obvious but there are many people who do it without even thinking.
    I have attended many meetings where the other party has switched off because of something silly said at the beginning of the discussion.

    Let me give you an example:
    Someone posted this:

    I never really make time to read most of your posts but this has really inspired me. I’m young and in Ghana. I’m an educator but I find it difficult to know what exact I can do to contribute to the digital growth of my country since I have limited resources and skill available to me. Any advice for me pls??

    He did not have to start with this statement:

    “I never really make time to read most of your posts but this has really inspired me..”

    So why should I “make time” to answer him, after telling me that he is too important to study what I post?

    He did not have to say that, he could have just kept quiet about it, and proceeded to make his request.

    He could have simply said:

    “I’m young and in Ghana. I’m an educator but I find it difficult to know what exact I can do to contribute to the digital growth of my country since I have limited resources and skill available to me. Any advice for me pls??”

    Whilst I choose not to be offended, I say this to help you in future, because one day you will miss an opportunity to be helped simply because of your style of approaching people. And it could happen when it most matters to you.
    Remember what I have said before:
    No one owes any of us a living…

  17. #Pause:

    There are only three [legitimate] ways that an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial business make money!

    Every time I sit down to prepare a new post these days, I find myself thinking about what Peter Drucker said:
    Remember what he said?
    There are ONLY three [legitimate] ways for an entrepreneur and a business to make money!

    Do you remember them?

    My answer:
    Many of you got the correct answer:

    To “make money” [develop a profitable business], you need to attend to the following:

    #Cost Control.

    You must do all three continuously!

  18. #Pause:

    “Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is cost”.
    ~Peter Drucker.

    Someone called me and said, “I can understand how a business becomes more profitable as a result of marketing and innovation, but I don’t understand why you include @Cost?”

    This was my answer:

    “How do you think people like Abromavitch [the owner of Chelsea Football team] became a billionaire?
    It’s simple; they would go and buy State Owned Companies that were notoriously inefficient and then cut costs to make them profitable!

    One of the reasons companies on the Stock Exchange are taken over in hostile bids, is that someone notices that they could make them more profitable by cost cutting. A lot of the Hedge Fund and PE Fund billionaires are masters of this game!

    When a company is not making money [ie making losses] managers will usually go for cost cutting to make them more profitable. This kind of stuff is so common.”

    # A good entrepreneur or investor wants to run the business as a “lean operation” so they make profit through #Cost control!

  19. #Pause:

    I was once invited to bid for the privatization of a government owned telephone company.
    We agreed to do Due Diligence. The business had never made a profit, and yet it owed hundreds of millions to suppliers of equipment.
    It also had almost 10x the number of people we needed to run it!
    “Tell me how we can make it profitable?” I asked the team.
    There are only three ways to make money in that type of business:

    (1). You cut #Costs, and bringing proper #3Ps:
    -Qualified and skilled #People;
    -Introduce #Products that customers want
    -Bring in proper #Processes.

    (2). Marketing and innovation!

    M + I -C = Profit [in a business]

  20. #Sasai now speaks my language!

    Sasai is now available in 28 languages, including 25 African languages!

    Do you know how to set your phone so that you can read Sasai App in your language?

    Let’s see how “smart” you are with a “smartphone”:
    Tell me what language you accessed.

    I just did Shona, Ndebele, and Igbo!

    By Monday next week, we will add an additional 10 African languages.

  21. Adejare Ibrahim writes,

    Strive Masiyiwa how can I use it for Yoruba language? Yoruba language is one of Nigerian languages. We have about 100 million yorubas worldwide.

    My reply,
    Sasai speaks Yoruba!

  22. #Breaking News – Town Hall: Youth Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

    Please join me here ONLINE Live or in Nairobi for a town hall discussion, co-hosted by Liquid Telecom, Sasai and Pathways for Prosperity.

    Wednesday 13 November
    2:30 for 3 pm – 5 pm EAT
    Westlands, Nairobi

    Here is the link: A LIMITED number of seats will be made available for you if you are near to Nairobi and would like to attend. As usual the event is FREE but strictly RSVP only. I really look forward to seeing you, if you are near Nairobi on Wednesday afternoon.

    This town hall will focus on Youth Entrepreneurship and the Digital Age as part of my role as Co-Chair of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development which is holding its final meeting this week in Nairobi. I will tell you more about this soon. Please don’t RSVP if you can’t be there as it deprives others of seats.

    #AfripreneurTalk #DigitalManifesto #DigitalRoadmap #21CSkills #BuildingAfrica’sDigitalFuture

  23. #Breaking News – RSVP Link – Town Hall: Youth Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

    Please join me here ONLINE Live or in Nairobi for a town hall discussion, co-hosted by Liquid Telecom, Sasai and Pathways for Prosperity.

    Wednesday 13 November
    2:30 for 3 pm – 5 pm EAT
    Westlands, Nairobi

    Here is the link:…/town-hall-youth… A LIMITED number of seats will be made available for you if you are near to Nairobi and would like to attend. As usual the event is FREE but strictly RSVP only. I really look forward to seeing you, if you are near Nairobi on Wednesday afternoon.

    This town hall will focus on Youth Entrepreneurship and the Digital Age as part of my role as Co-Chair of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development which is holding its final meeting this week in Nairobi. I will tell you more about this soon. Please don’t RSVP if you can’t be there as it deprives others of seats.

    #AfripreneurTalk #DigitalManifesto #DigitalRoadmap #21CSkills #BuildingAfrica’sDigitalFuture

  24. Adebimpe Ayodele writes,

    @ sir strive masiyiwa,have not be able to get it in Yoruba.Please sir,can you help highlight it once again.Thank you sir

    My reply,
    It is actually quite easy:
    (1) Go to phone “Setting”;
    (2). Look for “Language” setting-if you have Android it sits under General Management;
    (3). Choose Yoruba from the list, and make it your “default”;
    (4). Return to Sasai App, and it will now display in Yoruba!

  25. Gabriel Shonga Zulu writes,

    This is a very good presentation sir and its encouraging. Africa indeed needs to start being innovative and be self supporting in this tech business. Africa has young and vibrant people with ideas but lack resources. This is what is killing this continent. Greedy leaders who can’t support young ideas.

    My reply,
    Let me address two issues from your comment, which others need to also follow closely:

    #1. “Africa has young and vibrant people with ideas but lack resources”. Whilst I agree with the first part of this statement the issue of “lack of resources” is not going to change anytime soon, except in a handful of countries. So what should the rest do? We cannot sit on our hands we have to use the little that is in our hand. That has been the my message, and I have tried to demonstrate that it is possible. Whilst at the same time, I use every platform I can to try and prove to African policy makers that availing resources will help them become more electable.
    Every week I get requests from African leaders who are looking for strategies to address entrepreneurship, so the message is getting through.
    You must use the little that is in your hand.
    In this particular series I’m addressing the Digital Economy, and I have given you so many ideas which show that it is possible for the first time in history to start a business that requires very little resources, which can become continental and global at the same time.

    #2. Getting resources for a business is a skill, and this week a young person will walk away with $1m that Jack Ma and I will give them. There are an increasing number of this type of opportunity.
    Look for them, and do your best to participate.

  26. #Reflection:

    From the Entrepreneur’s Kitchen.

    As I have pointed out there are more than 5m Apps on the two App Stores [Apple and Android].
    These Apps are what drive the capability of smartphones.
    There are more than 6000 new Apps every day.
    All these Apps are developed by entrepreneurs from the entire world, and many come from Africa.

    As an entrepreneur there are two options that you have:

    #1. Identify a need which can be addressed using an App. In Africa you have a border less potential market of upto 300m people with Smartphones.
    If you are smart enough to mobilize a team to develop an App, and then turn it into a new venture, that is best.
    Remember Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sasai, WhatsApp, are just Apps. There are many Africans who can actually develop them.

    #2. With 5m existing Apps, and 6000 new ones every day, there is a huge opportunity for you as an entrepreneur:
    All you do is to study these Apps carefully, and see if there is any you can market successfully in your country. That is an instant business for you!
    It’s easy:
    (1). Do your market study on the App’s applicability and develop a business model;
    (2). Approach the developer and ask them if they can license you, or if they can do a revenue share model based on the number of customers you bring in.
    The best is to ask for what we call a “White Label” license—you can take their product, and redesign it for your own needs.

    Marketing, Innovation, and Cost management “make profit”!

    Don’t say you have no opportunity!

    If what I have said today does not get you into a business, I’m not sure I can ever get you into business!
    I’m serious!

    I have three huge events this week!
    See you in Nairobi and Accra!

  27. #Reflection:

    Create an “App Store” in your community!

    Are you unemployed or a potential entrepreneur?
    Here is a simple opportunity:
    Set up a Small Kiosk and call it an “App Store”:
    Every week identify Apps which you think people should download, and use. Act as an advisor for these Apps.

    Sasai and many other App developers will gladly pay you a commission for App downloads.
    This is easy money, and if you save money from such activities, you can develop your own App.

    Learning to sell Apps, will position you to understand Apps, and Digital Marketing, and Digital Sales Techniques.

    If I were starting out as an entrepreneur today, I would open Kiosks at public markets, and I would have an army of agents. They would help people download Apps, and give people tips on the best Apps.
    At weekends I would hire students to hit the Malls.

    Come on guys, let’s get practical!
    Everything starts “small, small” and from small savings you can do the big idea.

  28. #Pause:

    Sasai Explore, is a mini [digital App Store]:
    How many people realize that the functionality on the Sasai App, called Sasai Explore is a platform for African entrepreneur s, who have developed Apps that they cannot promote to have them promoted for FREE?!

    Each icon under Sasai Explore is supposed to be filled by African Apps, developed by YOU!

    Now how can I help you, if you have not even taken the easy step of downloading and examining each category, to see what you can add?
    Don’t wait until others have filled up the space for your own country!
    I’m only going to allow upto 20 Apps for each country, in each category!
    Do you know how many categories there are?
    Please list them below.

  29. Porobe Alex writes,


    I have followed this digital economy series religiously. Interestingly me and my team have been fully focused on the mobile apps industry and have a few apps up our sleeves in the making.

    We are even crowd sponsoring these apps on for sponsors to be able to benefit from the proceeds if they can’t develop apps of their own.

    I’m truly grateful as this series is one of the best motivation I have for for our pursuit.

    Thank you.

    My reply,
    You deserve this #ShoutOut!
    Go for it!

  30. Tinotenda Chigwida writes,
    [in answer to my question about Sasai Explore categories]:

    Ride- hailing

    15 in Total

    My reply,
    That means for each African country I’m looking for 20×15=300 ! [locally developed Apps]
    I’m promoting them for free!
    I’m doing the marketing spend..
    So where are your Apps, young Africa?!

  31. #Pause:

    #China has 800m Smartphone users, and 600m shop on line, even at village level.
    #Africa has 300m Smartphone users, but only 22m shop on line! Of which 80% are in one country!

    If we lifted Africa’s contribution to say 100m, the continent will see the emergence of at least 25 new businesses valued at over $1bn, and several billionaires.
    “Let those who have ears to ear hear…”
    Oh how I wish all God’s children were entrepreneurs!

  32. Omoruyi Folarin Osas writes,

    There are 15 categories on the Sasai Explore sir. Here is my Bid for Nigeria.

    #Update as a member of senior class.

    I am Omoruyi Osas Folarin from Lagos, Nigeria. I am web designer and digital marketing expert!

    Sometime in 2015, I read one of your write ups chief it was titled “what is is your hand?”.

    As I sat in my room that faithful day pondering on the compelling pull I felt from that article, I asked myself the same but all I had was ₦14,000 so I bought a domain name for ₦13,500 and with my web development skill, built an ecommerce website called Wanabuy.

    What is Wanabuy?
    Wanabuy is a fast growing Nigerian one-stop online shopping mall.

    From the moment we founded our store, our vision has being to empower people worldwide in buying and selling online. Our shop offers stylish and authentic Clothing, shoes, wristwatches, sunglasses, colognes, and much more with amazingly competitive prices.

    We focused on continuous and consistent optimization of to ensure that we tighten the knots in speed, security and easy access for shoppers who choose to access our store even while they are in any part of the world.

    With a better and more evolving vision to build a better Online shopping experience for Nigeria and Africa to the world we hope to expand the scope with due scaling per time.

    Sir, I will humbly ask that be listed on the e-commerce section for Nigeria.

    Omoruyi Osas Folarin,
    Wanabuy Online.

    My reply,
    You are my testimony before God!
    “Lord, I delivered your message, and this one heard me!”

    I’m going to ask our team to and your App to Sasai Explore for Nigeria, and other countries!
    Well done!

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