DPA and EDF roll out hybrid industrial solar solutions

DPA and EDF roll out hybrid industrial solar solutions
18 February 2020

DPA and EDF roll out hybrid industrial solar solutions

Distributed Power Africa (DPA) has partnered with leading global electricity supplier the EDF (Électricité De France) Group, to deploy hybrid energy solutions to industrial and commercial clients to increase energy security and improve industry productivity. 

DPA and EDF have developed a comprehensive solution for heavy users such as mines, manufacturing companies and other large industry players to accelerate deployment of solar hybrid solutions. These include solar, grid, lithium batteries and generators on a power-purchase agreement (PPA) to encourage industry to sign 10 to 20-year agreements for uninterrupted power supply, said DPA. 

It said the prevailing energy crisis in sub-Sahara Africa has increased demand for reliable energy solutions hence the collaboration with EDF was targeted at developing renewable energy solutions between 5MW to 20MW. DPA has already activated a significant pipeline in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire and Togo while EDF has 111MW in operation in South Africa. 

Group chief executive officer of DPA, Mr Norman Moyo, commented: “There is need for a dramatic structural change in the way we generate and consume power in Africa. 

“Provision of financing solutions, new innovative technologies such as solar, lithium batteries and generator integration is proving to be both a viable and sustainable energy mix for Africa. “DPA & EDF both bring a deep understanding of the energy sector both in Africa and globally. “Our combined balance sheet should give big mines and manufacturing business enough confidence to let go of non-adjacent activities like power generation.” 

Mr Moyo believes that ultimately every business should focus on their core business. Many businesses in Africa have inadvertently become power companies due to a history of unreliable power in the continent. Businesses have invested in power assets that are not core and DPA believes that they can unlock these assets and allow businesses to put their capital to core business needs. “We are keen to buy back any power assets off our customers’ and ensure they invest the funds in their core businesses while we provide them with reliable and affordable energy,” said Mr Moyo.